The focus of each project that Georgia is involved in, is aligned with Georgia’s goals. Helping to make Web3, and digital assets consumable, and accessible for anyone. Real world applications of how people can interact with and learn while being financially rewarded for participating.


Climate change is at the forefront of the media these days. CO2 emissions are the leading cause of rising global temperatures, and extreme weather events. The domino effect of this poses an extreme risk to our crop growth (food source), and ongoing environmental, and health implications. In recent years, we’ve seen numerous documentaries which have triggered; celebrities, CEOs, and governments get behind this cause. 

However, there is still a disconnect of solutions that are actually accessible for people to contribute to. It is a consensus that almost everyone wants to take climate action. But, the large percentage don’t know how to make a positive impact.

DCarbon is a new project that tackles this problem. Facilitating anyone to contribute to offsetting their CO2 emissions directly on the voluntary carbon market. By spending $5 USD you will receive an NFT, and become a Carbon warrior. Your NFT will offset 1 Tonne of Co2 emissions, and contributors will be financially rewarded for taking climate action with our play-to-earn feature.

Crypto Arabs

Focussed on education. Designed with the characters from the Gulf region’s most popular cartoon “Shaabiat Al Cartoon”. Crypto Arabs is an NFT project that incentivizes people to learn about Web3, and digital assets. Offering masterclass courses from beginner to advanced. Crypto Arabs aims to provide all NFT holders the opportunity to learn from highly regarded industry leaders, and access to a global community to learn with. Crypto Arab NFT holders will also have access to our Metaverse – “learn to earn” initiative. Where holders will be financially rewarded for taking classes and participating in the metaverse.
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