My team and I believe life is a series of special moments that you share with loved ones and close friends to celebrate the defining moments in your life together. Whether that is taking couples to their ideal getaway on a private island for someone to pop the question, or bucks and hen parties with a difference. I have to say birthdays and weddings for me are some of the most exciting events to pull together.

Having worked in the industry for many years, my team and I know that special moments can come in all shapes and sizes, so we choose to focus on making sure the event we plan for you represents you and is bespoke to your style and preference.

As with any tailored experience, we can dial up or dial down how extravagant you want your event to be, but I do love to push the envelope! We can transform your home into a palatial paradise to help you host a one of a kind special event then throw a Michelin Star Personal Chef into the mix to enhance the money can’t buy experience.

Every “Moments” package is curated around how you want the experience to make you and your guests feel at the end of it. From there my team and I can come back to you with a Moments Road Map of the journey we want to take you on for your personalised event.

Whether it is a small, minimal yet glamorous wedding in your home town or a huge, extravagant experience in your dream location, we will make your dream day comes true, taking the stress of organizing away so you can sit back and enjoy your day. Our clients tell us the value we add is empowering our couples to actually enjoy their day rather than worrying about logistics.

Our approach to planning is always the same and it starts with you because we know at least one if not both of you have a real clear vision for the style of wedding you want which should represent you both as a couple. Once we know what you want we can start to bring together concepts for you to decide on.

We plan the pre-ceremonial celebrations with just as much focus and care. Whether you want to have an opulent weekend of decadence with a close group of friends in a private villa in the country of your choice.

Or you want a once in a lifetime experience built around you and your friends where no venue is off limits and no destination is too far, you define it and we will deliver it. The only limit here is your imagination.

Our partner network at Buttoned Up Events can help get you and your party there faster and in style.

We approach and plan your honeymoon or minimoon with the same precision and attention to detail as we do our weddings. Our mission when planning the first holiday you take as a married couple is to make sure that we understand what type of honeymoon you want as no one day has to be the same. We are experts at pulling itineraries together that represent both of your interests while offering some of our unique takes on what is possible when you add a little creativity to make your time away feel like it would be unrepeatable.

Our travel partners enable us to open doors to some of the most exclusive honeymoon hideaways on the planet.

The Moments package was born out of my track record of planning and hosting some of the most memorable birthdays, both for myself and my close friends. Now the reason I love my job is I get to do this for you and there is nothing better than the joy I see on my clients faces when they walk into the venue that kicks off the weekend’s itinerary!

Whether you are planning an event for yourself, a family member or a friend; birthdays are an important celebration of the birth of a life that leads to so many special moments!

My most recent birthday was so much fun to pull together. I gathered some of my nearest and dearest to kick off a long weekend of festivities with a Pink Pony Party. My horses are such a big part of my life that this was the perfect marriage of my passion and my people for one birthday bash that I am sure all my guests remeber.


After some quality time with my horses, I treated my closest friends to a privately chartered helicopter to bring us back to the city in style and what better way to kick the second leg of my weekend off with my awesome group of besties. I am very lucky that my event partners at ENTER NAME helped me with my charter.


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