NFT Auction

MAFs Participants  have joined together to  create unique NFTs to raise money for the Charity “Outside the Locker Room” for critical mental health education and welfare support to community, sporting clubs, schools and workplaces. The digital artworks featuring each MAFs Celebrity are overlaid with a powerful mental health animation created by Serbian digital artist Jana Jelovac.  The auction will commence on Rarible on 26 May and complete on 25 June. All proceeds of the auction will go to the Charity.
If you are new to the blockchain ecosystem you may not of heard of NFT’s before.  If you would like to learn more check out this video which gives you a quick intro into all things NFT and what they actually are and why they are a great asset to invest in if your thinking about dipping your toe into the market.

NFTs can be daunting and maybe confusing if you are new to crypto. To make this easier, here is a simple step by step guide to bidding on our NFTs. 

Our unique charity auction links reality TV show MAFs, and  the latest digital trend, NFTs to raise money for mental health charity “Outside the Locker Room.”  To date, there has been no Australian launch of NFTs to raise money for charity, so there is an opportunity to be first to market. Married at First Sight Nine has a national average audience of 1.578m , and will be airing on UK and US television in 2022. Embracing NFTs as a vehicle to raise awareness and money for social causes builds credibility on two fronts: as early adopters of technology trends and as organisations committed to social responsibility. 

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